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COVID-19 - We manufacture a wide range of products to assist in social separation during this COVID-19 pandemic, these products are: OFFICE SEPARATION SCREENS, WORK AREA SEPARATION SCREENS, WALKWAY SEPARATION SCREENS, RECEPTION DESK SEPARATION SCREENS. We can manufacture any size of separation screen. Our screens are quick to fit as they hang on hanging kits we supply, free of charge, from ceilings. They are totally transparent, so staff can still talk and work, but are separated from each other by a screen. Get in touch for a price for your work area to be separated by emailing your sizes or calling 01902 48 94 63, the width and height of the area will be required for us to provide a quotation for you. We offer a quick turnaround and very competitive prices.

Keep the public separated from your staff areas to help maintain a cleaner, healthier workplace.

FREE HANGING KITS in current special offer!

We offer a quick turnaround and nationwide delivery is available.

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Workplace Separation Screen

We can manufacture any sizes in workplace separation screens, which will assist in the separation of staff whilst at work. We supply easy hang kits, free of charge.

To obtain a price to separate your work areas please email via the contact us with the size of screen you require. Or call 01902 48 94 63 for a quote. We will need the size of the area (width and height) and we will need to know the type of ceiling you have. These are commercial quality PVC screens, manufactured from flame retardant, clear PVC which can be washed down with soapy water whenever required. They only take a few minutes to put in place and are easy to take down, once not needed and they can store easily rolled up.

Turnaround is quick and we offer nationwide delivery.

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Self Isolation Screens Distributors required Top Quality - Brand New Open 7 days Price Match Certified to British Standards